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Forum Rules
Guest Rules of the Inter Allied Warriors

We are a multinational community who enjoy playing our games online. We are a friendly group who talk regularly on our Team Speak channel and play on our dedicated games servers.
First and foremost we are about having fun and sharing our knowledge and skills with like minded people. There are however a few rules to bear in mind.
NO Heavy swearing on our website / servers or TS at any time!
NO racist language on our website / servers / Other servers or on TS!
NO offensive / inappropriate pictures or graphics to be shown on tags or forum.
NO cheating or hacking is allowed.
Abuse of our website/server/Team-speak will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.
DO NOT bring the warriors into disrepute on other servers if you are using the I.A.W(s) scout Tag!
When you have proven yourself you will be asked if you understand and agree our rules, after that you can join us as a full I.A.W. member.
DO NOT use the forum to curse or disrespect members or Guests!


Always think about how you present yourself to other people.
Respect other gamers’ opinions and beliefs.
Try to be on Team Speak and our servers at least once a week.
If you can’t for any reason, leave a post on the forum to keep in touch.
Remember we are a friendly multinational community and we all share the same interest in gaming, so be polite at all times.
If someone is a better player, don’t verbally abuse them. Watch and learn.
If you think a player is hacking record it and report. Hackers will be banned from our servers.
Don’t forget to post on our forum, or reply to other posts. Your views matter.
If in the unlikely event you have problems with other members or guests, speak to an admin.
and last but not least

!!!!!Have Fun !!!!!..................

Thx for reading this, Inter Allied Warriors
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